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Foremost Immigration & Legal Services in Toronto

Immigrate Now is a trusted business in Toronto offering a wide range of immigration and document preparation services. Direct-entry immigration services are just some of the services we provide. Notary public services, social security tribunal appeals, and document preparation are also part of our business.
As trusted leaders in the field, we offer support and go above and beyond for our clients. Our goal is to fulfill the trust that the people of Canada have placed in us by offering a personal, effective, and affordable service. Our team of professionals is highly competent and strives to provide that ideal service without fail.
At Immigrate Now, we are committed to helping individuals and families from all over the world immigrate as fast as possible to Canada. We specialize in direct entry immigration services, document preparation, and notary public services. We make the right process simpler and easier with our team of experts, who have been carefully selected.
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